Earth Day Storyteller

Please join local author Lia Gladstone as she reads her book “Bella Blue” in the children’s playground area from 12pm – 1pm. 
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“Bella Blue” is a timely children’s book that honors Bella, a tree who lost her life and who reminds so many of us of the human/tree connection.  

What does cutting down a beloved tree at the heart of an old California mining town say to children of all ages about the future of trees?


Statement from Lia Gladstone, creator of “Bella Blue”:

Why a children’s book? I wanted to write in that special language of children. If we are going to change our perception of trees, we need to do it from the ground up. Yes, Bella was just one tree but for many of us she represents and is symbolic of what we desire for our planet for the next generations.


 A beautiful children’s book (which I hope this is)  can endure for generations.  In addition to acknowledging trees as Beings, we need OUR TREES MORE THAN EVER. For the oxygen, for the shade, their importance to the health of our planet is huge. We can’t continue arbitrarily cutting them down. One of the reps from the electric company told  illustrator Kathy Dotson they will be cutting MILLIONS of trees in California. There is a fallacy in blaming trees for forest fires. We have to and can manage better.

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