Church Leadership- In 3 Stages

New Member Classes

Sometime in your first year of worship with us at Sierra Pines you should take a new member class. This is a brief introduction to Christian Beliefs, The UMC and its History, and the Church Culture Shift of Growing Young.  You do not have to become a member of the church after this class, but it is a great way to learn more about this congregation and yourself.  They are usually offered two times a year.

Bible Study/Church Small Group

Members at all stages of Christian Maturity are encouraged to continue to take part in small group ministries; study groups; and volunteer their talents in short term mission and ministry offerings.  This will be, for most, a good second step in involvement in the Sierra Pines Family after the initial membership class.  For others they may begin in one of these small groups and then move into a members class.


Three Year Leadership Rotations

For those interested in ongoing leadership in some area of mission and ministry at Sierra Pines the three year rotation of leadership on church committees is a great way to begin that stage of church involvement.  These roles are open to all active participants in the life of the church; some leadership position begin as young 12yrs.  The intention of the three year rotation is that one person goes from leading with help, to leading solo, to helping the next leader as we develop Key Chain Leadership.