Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser Coming January 30, 2021 6:30pm Online!

 Visit Calhoun Manor for a fun night of 1920 style attire, food, and a traditional Who Done It?…

 This is a Great way to support the ministry of Sierra Pines UMC and have an evening “out” with the family and friends.  A menu will be provided with shopping list and instructions for you to prepare the Meal of 1920 Foods at home.  Actors will do a combination of pre-recorded and live Improvisational scripts. Tickets go on sale Dec. 1st so these would make a great Christmas present for family or friends.  It is a suggested $20.00 donation per zoom log in for each household and $10.00 suggested for each additional Clue up to 5 personal hints from the script writers to help you solve the mystery.  You can also reserve a full table group of 8 and work out the mystery with people you know; suggested donation of $70.00 includes a discount.  Fill out the reservation form here. Pay now or mail your checks to the church office by the end of January.
Your shopping list and menu will be sent with your reservation confirmation email.  Zoom login and clues will be sent 2 days before the event. If you are the main contact for a table group please forward to your table.  You will also be given  a list of characters and some background about  Laird Calhoun,the recently departed; his wife your hostess for the evening and family, the main players and the staff at the manor.  You will hear about the Local Ranches, Mines, and the Lumber Yard.  We will take you to the Railroad Office of Laird Calhoun and you will meet the circuit riding minister.  Who knows what the movements of the Spirit might reveal in the end.