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Our First Topic:  “What was your initial response to the recent letter form the Bishop as an address to the church from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend?”
Some thoughts and responses: 
Response B:
“I agree with The Bishop’s assessment that racism and White Supremacy are a part of our heritage; however, I don’t think it is just a cultural heritage.  I think that part of our very nature -the survival instinct is at play here.  We are naturally afraid of “others” and will, all of our lives, need to consciously make an effort to overcome it.  Becoming more familiar with “others” makes a huge difference, but, unfortunately, in our area that is hard to do.  I think we need to not beat ourselves up about it, or feel insulted since it is part of our inheritance; just work to undo it.”
Response A:
” The Bishop invokes King’s assertion that all people are equally children of God. The implications of this assertion must, truly, be worth our wrestling. . .”
New Question for March: What have you missed most about church over the past year?
Response A: Singing together and hearing the voices blend in the worship of God.
Response B:Actually being in the presence of real people-seeing, talking, hugging, singing and praying together.
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