News and Announcements Today for Dreamland:

Snack lists have been emailed if you need this information please contact the pastor!
Don’t forget to pick up your packets of craft supplies!




We will be collecting for Heifer International and hope to get 4 “Dream Baskets”; giving a family the future of their dreams. A Dream Basket includes a sheep, heifer, goat, rabbits and a flock of chicks, along with training and education in their care. This gift will help women farmers and their families achieve lives of dignity. To do this we need to raise $100.00 each day of Dreamland.

Discussion question today:



time Zoom schedule   time Friday Night
6pm opening worship   6pm dinner
6:10 PM Drama of bible story   6:20 PM opening worship
6:15 PM craft or snack   6:30 PM drama of bible story
6:20 PM craft or snack   6:35 PM discussion Groups
6:40 PM discussion breakout  group either adult, mixed ages, or pre-k to elementary   6:45 PM game
6:55 PM closing song & Dismissal   6:55 PM closing song & Dismissal
Vacation In Dreamland  at Sierra Pines UMC for All Ages!
day Theme Craft Music Story Snacks
Monday (zoom) becoming woke (Waking up to God’s Dream) coffee filter experiment Dream For You & Dare to Dream  (all week) Jacobs dream dream balls
Tuesday (zoom) nightmares to dreams paint over crayon blessed be your name joseph’s coat dream coat pizza
Wednesday (zoom) the dream is catching dream catchers come let us dream Daniel and revelation  Unicorn clouds skewers
Thursday (zoom) dreaming of God’s kingdom silhouette framed painting come let us dream kingdom of God in Jesus’ parables paint cookies
Friday In -person & (zoom) dream of community games Great Adventure, blessed be your name, here I Am to worship, community in acts “American Dream” Dinner onsite of:   hot dogs, chips, vegetarian baked beans, fruit, and popsicles
On  Sunday all participants are  welcome to join in  at 10 am; those who would like can tell about this week during the story for the young at heart.